Commercial RO System / RO Water Purifier (800GPD)


Feed Water TDS: <1500ppm
Recovery Rate: 18-75%
Vessel Array: 1
Vessel Size: 2540 x 1
Permeate Flow Rate (gpm/lpm): 0.6/2.2
Feed Connection: 3/8″ FNPT
Permeate Connection: 3/8″
Concentrate Connection: 3/8″
Flush Connection: 3/8″
Pump type & Motor HP: Rotary Vane 0.5HP
Dimension(m/m): 330x330x955
Gross Dimension (cm): 66x45x130
Gross Weight (kg): 35


-Specialized Micro-Computer Controller
-Fully Equipped and Customizable
-Factory Tested and Preserved
-Manufactured in Taiwan
-RO micro-computer controller with permeate TDS readout
-300PSI stainless steel membrane housing+PE end caps
-Rotary vane pump for 800GPD
-Multistage pump for 1500-6000GPD
-5 micron sediment pre-filter x 2 in series
-Rotameters for permeate and concentrate stream
-Pressure gauges for prefilter feed and RO feed
-Low pressure switch
-SS316 concentrate needle valve
-Concentrate recycling valve (without flow meter)
-Electro-plated SS304 skid frame

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