EAGO aims to provide safe and healthy filtration products, with the assurance of excellence over the products’ quality, design, and price.

LATEST EVENTS Showcasing our products in international and local events, promoting a healthy lifestyle with our water filter products. VIEW EVENTS BEST QUALITY We provide excellence quality products ranging from water filter, RO system, pitcher, shower
filter to components.


EAGO Enterprise Ltd. is a privately held company located in Taipei City, Taiwan founded in 1984. In 1990 we started the service for solving out our customers’ technical problems. In 2000 EAGO ENTERPISE became an ODM Company and began to offer a range of products with features and customized options. As a professional and reputable manufacturer and supplier for RO system, Water filter, Shower filter, Tap filter and Pitcher. EAGO devotes itself to developing and providing a complete portfolio of Home use filter and Water filter spare parts : from Cartridges, Complete Water filter Machine to diverter valve, fittings, Housing to name a few. In recent year, throughout our non-stop efforts, we also started up to provide the Shower Filter equipment for home use. 

Advantage of EAGO

EAGO ENTERPRISE experienced over 35 years in supplying more than five different industries worldwide. Our concept is to meet the needs from the market and to fulfill the wishes from our clients. We are attentive to details and qualities yet the products would be based on a reasonable price at the same time. We care about the success of customers and partners and value the long-term mutually beneficial relationship. And you don’t have to worry if our products shipped oversea. We support clients over world including America, Europe and Middle East Countries.


There is no minimum quantity requirement for shipment.
Depending on the needs of customers the company has products capacity for OEM or ODM orders. We do RO System ODM, Water Purification Syetem ODM. We also made Faucet, Cartridge and Membrane ODM service.


We will keep focusing on Filter Equipment, Water Purification Spare Parts and Water Filter System. Our vision is to offer up-to-date model every year in our product line. We are dedicated to being a reliable partner to the clients and to building up the partnership worldwide. EAGO ENTERPRISE provides a full range of water filter and we look forward to being your reliable partner.


We provide market leading RO system, water filter, shower filter and components. Our solution for Reverse Osmosis water filter replacement parts, Reverse Osmosis water filtration system, Drinking Water Filter, Water Filtration System Parts, Faucet Water Parts, RO Filter Parts, Reverse Osmosis water Parts, NSF RO Membrane all with made in Taiwan. Company EAGO is the undisputed leader in developing new solutions related to water filtration. Long-standing presence in the market makes us a precursor of innovative solutions, with our ideas also benefit other companies. EAGO is always a step ahead of the competition, and to maintain a leadership position, continually invests in new technologies, machines, products and training of engineering staff.

Manufacturing and Quality Control

With tremendous concern for our products and clients, EAGO ENTERPRISE manufacture everything themselves and do the final assembly on site in Taiwan.Flexibility is a key quality of EAGO ENTERPISE. Trying to achieve full customer satisfaction streamlined order fulfillment system. All products ready for shipping are subject to a double, internal control quantitative and qualitative compliance check against NSF standards. EAGO product handling procedures exceed the NSF standards. EAGO internal QC requirements exceeding NSF standards.

We help to integrate the filter system on the counter-top and undersink, and to meet the requirements of clients, we create their own filter products. There are ranges of standard products, but at some point, most of them start as a bespoke solution. The materials and products all come with a company-backed warranty. The products obtained a standard SGS and CE approval. The Water Filter System Spare Parts have NSF approval also the NSF RO Membrane. 

Best Solutions

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We work in partnership with the customer all over the world

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Our Products​

The company accomplished a major change to a RO system and water filter manufacturer and diverter valve, water drinking faucet, and filter cartridge…etc.

Quality control

We never compromise and insist on the best quality, NSF, CE, SGS, etc. The entire production process is completely under the control of the EAGO. In our laboratories, equipped with sophisticated facilities, researchers create new sorbents and check every supply of materials. Our engineers design and build manufacturing lines and pick the best machinery available.


Innovation and Development

3% to 5% of total revenue is drawn for use of R&D.
There are approximately 8.4% of staffs that belong to the R&D department.


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