Tap Water Filter / Water Filtration


Media: NSF UF+Silver Impregnated Carbon
Function: Removes Bacteria, Chlorine, Bad Odor
Capacity: 7,500 Liters
Flow Rate: 2 LPM at 30PSI
Weight: 0.52KGS(10PCS/CTN – 5.2KGS)
Measurement: 1.1 cu.ft.

All Food Grade Material Including Media & Vessel
Reminder Of Filter Replacement
Quick Change Filter, Changes In Second Without Tool
Remove Residue Chlorine And Odor
No Waste Water
Easy Installation


Standard Equipment :
1. Cartridge: GAC
2. Adapter:
-Internal Adapter AD-1C 15/16″-27 x 55/64″-27 (H:8MM)
-External Adapter: ETA-02
Specification Of Hollow Fiber(NSF):
1. Filtration Hole: 0.01-0.1 Micron
2. Operation Pressure: ≦50PSI
3. Temperature: ≦40°C

Tap Water Filter FF-5800-001

Tap Water Filter FF-5800-002

Tap Water Filter FF-5800-003

Tap Water Filter FF-5800-004

Tap Water Filter FF-5800-005

Tap Water Filter FF-5800-006

Tap Water Filter FF-5800-007

Tap Water Filter FF-5800-008

Tap Water Filter FF-5800-010Tap Water Filter FF-5800-009

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