Pitcher / Water Filter Pitcher


All Food Grade Material Including Media & Vessel
Remove Chlorine / Pesticide / Heavy Metals / Scale
Electric / Tools / Maintenance Not Required
Silver Impregnated Coconut Carbon And Sodium-Less Cation Exchange Resin. Or Full Granular Coconut Activated Carbon Only
Weight: 0.8KGS(10PCS/CTN – 8KGS)
Measurement: 2.4 cu.ft.

Patent NO. D147865(Taiwan) / 1883237(China)


Specification :
1. Net Volume: 1.5 Liters
2. Gross Volume: 2 Liters
3. Carbon Capacity: 1,200 Liters
4. Resin Capacity: 150 Liters
5. Cap Color: White

Pitcher PI-06-001

Pitcher PI-06-002

Pitcher PI-06-003

Pitcher PI-06-004

Pitcher PI-06-005

Pitcher PI-06-006

Pitcher PI-06-007

Pitcher PI-06-008

Pitcher PI-06-009

Pitcher PI-06-010

Pitcher PI-06-011

Pitcher PI-06-012


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