Compact RO System / RO Water Purifier


Filter Type:
1st: In-Line Sediment Filter 2.5″x 11″
2nd: In-Line Carbon Filter 2.5″x 11″
3rd: In-Line Carbon Filter 2.5″x 11″
4th: 50GPD Membrane(NSF certified)#MBS1050
5th: NSF In-Line Post Coconut Carbon 2″x 10″#AIC-10
Weight: 10KGS(ROC-100) / 13KGS(ROC-101)

LED Water Quality Indicator is Optional
Leaking Device is Optional
Fixed PPM of TDS: 100 PPM
Patent NO. D134876(Taiwan) / 1280116(China)


Items ROC-100 ROC-101
LED Water Quality(100 PPM TDS) Indicator V V
Leaking Device(Item NO. LD-4) V V
LED Water Quality(100 PPM TDS) Indicator With Leaking Sensor V
LED Leaking Sensor Only V

Fitting: JACO
Pump: Non(ROC-100) / Yes(ROC-101)
Measurement: 2.9 cu.ft.

Standard Equipment :
1. 4-Way Shutoff Valve.
2. Quarter-Turn Long Reach Faucet.
3. Include Tubes, Water Feed Adapter, Ball Valve…. etc.
4. Storage Tank 2.2 Gallons(Built-In).
5. E-Z Fittings Connect Are Available.

Specification :
Faucet Flow Rate: 2.5LPM
Operating Pressure: 60~80PSI (When No Pump)

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