Commercial RO System / RO Water Purifier (150 GPD)


Filter Type:
1st: 20″ PP Sediment 5 Micron
2nd: 20″ Carbon Block
3rd: 20″ PP Sediment 1 Micron
4th: 75GPD Membrane(NSF certified)*2PCS #MBS1075
5th: NSF In-Line Post Carbon#AIC-10

Weight: 23KGS
Capacity: 150GPD
Measurement: 4.8 cu.ft.

Standard Equipment:
1. Solenoid Valve
2. Booster Pump 300GPD With Transformer 110V or 220V
3. High & Low Pressure Switch
4. Metal Bracket, White Coating.
5. Include Wrench, Tubes, Water Feed Adapter, Ball Valve…etc.


Optional Equipment :
1. Storage Tank.
2. Water Drinking Faucet.
3. 125& 180GPD Membrane.
4. Automatic Flush Controller.
5. Pressure Gauge.

Commercial RO System ROT-816-001

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