Chlorine Removal SPA Essential Oil Shower Filter (Silver)


Press Type Essential Oil, Based On The Requirement Of The User To Adjust The Flow Rate Of The Essential Oil To Avoid Waste
Enjoy Fragrant Essential Oil SPA To Release Working Pressure
Uses Calcium Sulfite To Remove Residue Chlorine From Tap Water Quickly
Retard Your Skin Coarse, Sensitive And Aging
Abate Falling Hairs And Discoloration After Hair Dyeing
Back Washable Cartridge Prolong Filter Lifetime(Optional)
Easy Filter Element Replacement(Recommended Replacement Time : 2-3 Months)
Weight: 0.416KGS(12PCS/CTN – 5KGS)
Measurement: 1.32 cu.ft.

Patent NO. M365646(Taiwan) / 1195909(China)


Standard Equipment :
1. Calcium Sulfite Cartridge (CC-48S)
2. France Made Essential Oil : 30ML/Bottle
Specification :
1. Total Capacity Of Pure Water : 5,700 Liters Under 0.1 PPM Chlorine
2. Water Pressure For Best Result : 40-100PSI
3. Require Temperature: 4-40°C
4. Material : ABS (Handle)
5. Water Flow Rate : 8 LPM (8 Liters/Min) / at 60PSI

Chlorine Removal SPA (Silver) HSF-126CP-001

Chlorine Removal SPA (Silver) HSF-126CP-002

Chlorine Removal SPA (Silver) HSF-126CP-003

Chlorine Removal SPA (Silver) HSF-126CP-006

Chlorine Removal SPA (Silver) HSF-126CP-008

Chlorine Removal SPA (Silver) HSF-126CP-009

Chlorine Removal SPA (Silver) HSF-126CP-010

Chlorine Removal SPA (Silver) HSF-126CP-011

Chlorine Removal SPA (Silver) HSF-126CP-012

Chlorine Removal SPA (Silver) HSF-126CP-013

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