Shower Filter Cartridge for HSF-128 Shower Filter

Applicable Filter:HSF-128 Shower Filter
Media:Calcium Sulfite From Japan
Function: Remove Residue Chlorine From Tap Water Quickly
Vessel Material:ABS
Capacity: 10,000 Liters


-The core filter material is 100% imported from Japan. The high-purity calcium sulfite ball is patented, which not only will not block the water outlet, but also has a higher dechlorination effect than other similar products.
-Retard your skin coarse, sensitive and aging.
-Abate falling hairs and discoloration after hair dyeing.
-Large flow design, using double stainless steel mesh to prevent the gas water heater from failing to ignite.
-Easy filter element replacement
-100% leaking test before shipment.
-Made in Taiwan.

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