Water Filtration With Quick Change Filter



QCC Quick Change Cartridge Type:
  1st: PP
  2nd: Granular Carbon
Weight: 2.125KGS(4PCS/CTN - 8.5KGS)

Stage: Twin
Measurement: 1.86 cu.ft.
All Carbon Media Are Using Granular Cocont Carbon
Useful For Pre-Filter
Customer-Made Media Is Welcome
Patent NO. M281701 / M294977(Taiwan) / 822776(China)


  • Specifications

    MOQ: ALYA Brand : None / OEM&ODM : 300PCS

    Standard Equipment :
    1. Metal Bracket.
    2. Standard Long Reach Brass Faucet.
    3. PE Tube 1/4"x3'
    4. Brass Water Feed Adapter 1/2" With Ball Valve 1/4" or Saddle Valve

    Specification :
    1. Inlet & Outlet: 1/4"EZ
    2. Flow Rate: 1.8LPM


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