Filter Cartridge For Shower Filter (SF-123FM)


* Media : Granular activated carbon + calcium sulfite

* Removes residue chlorine , bad odor from tap water quickly



* Media : 100% Granular activated carbon

* Removes residue chlorine , bad odor from tap water



Applicable Filter:Shower filter / Water Filter Shower Filter

* All Food Grade Material Including Media & Vessel

* Electric / Tools / Maintenance Not Required

* Media can be customer-made.

  • Specifications



    Item NO. Media Flow rate Capacity


    +calcium sulfite

    6LPM 9,000 Iiters
    CC-35C 100%Cocount Carbon 6LPM 3,800 Iiters

    * Uses natural coconut activated carbon or calcium sulfite to remove residue chlorine from tap water quickly, for beautiful and healthy hair and skin.

    * Retard your skin coarse, sensitive and aging.

    * Abate falling hairs and discoloration after hair dyeing.

    * Flow rate : 6 LPM

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