Direct Flow RO System / RO Water Purifier



Filter Type:

  1st: 2.5"x 11" In-Line Sediment Filter

  2nd: 10" NSF In-Line Coconut Carbon Filter

  3rd~5th: 100GPD Membrane(NSF certified)#MBS1050

  6th: 2"x 10" NSF In-Line Post Coconut Carbon#AIC-10

  7th: AIC-10 IN-LINE GAC 10"


Weight: 10KGS



  • Specifications

    Inlet/Outlet/Drain Fittings are Hidden to Prevent Hurting

    Built-In Filter Clips

    Tool Not Required to Open Front Panel

    Low Voltage Input Assuring Safe Electric

    Large Pure Water Flow Rate Up to 1.3 LPM

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