Direct Flow RO System / RO Water Purifier



Filter Type:

  1st: PP Sediment(Quick Change Filter)(QCC-10P)

  2nd: Coconut Carbon(Quick Change Filter)(QCC-10C)

  3rd: Coconut Carbon(Quick Change Filter)(QCC-10C)

  4th~6th: 100GPD Membrane(NSF certified)(MBS10100CHT)

  7th: GAC (6" In-Line Filter)(AIC-06)

  • Specifications


    1. ROF-801 without LCD monitor, ROF-808 with LCD monitor 

    2. Water output: Push button

    3. High & low pressure switch and solenoid valve

    4. Include tubes, water feed adapter, ball valve...etc.

    5. Booster pump with transformer 110V or 220V

    6. Dimension(Without Tank):580*230*420(MM)

    7. Less drain 1:1

    8. Large pure water flow rate up to 1.3 LPM

    9. Enough nozzle altitude, good for 500ml PET water bottle

    10. Installation Location: Counter Top

    11. Water Output Method: Push Button Water Outlet

    12. Water Temperature: 5~54°C

    13. Salt Rejection: 94%

    14. Pump Flow: 2.75 LPM

    15. Applicable Water Pressure: ≦100 PSI

    16. Measurement: 3.3 cu.ft.

    17. Standard Casing Color : Orange / White 

    18. Quarter-Turn Long Reach Faucet (When Using in Under Sink)

    19. Operating pressure: 60-80PSI

    20. LCD monitor function:

          (1) Change filter reminder

          (2) Temperature display

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