Casing Type RO System /RO Water Filter

Casing Type RO System /RO Water Filter



5 stage casing type RO system

*Use housings: clear*1pcs + white*2pcs 

*Filter Type:

 1st: PP sediment(5M)(PP10-05)

 2nd: GAC Granular Activated Carbon (CC-5C)

 3rd: CTO Carbon block (CBC-5CTO/05)

 4th: 50GPD membrane (MBS1050CHT)

 5th: in-line GAC 10"(AIC-10)

  • Specifications

    *With accessary bag:

     4-way shutoff valve. Booster pump. Membrane housing. Faucet...

    *With transformer 220vac to 24vdc, round plug

    *Packing way:

     System and tank are separately

    *Installation location: under sink

    *Water output method: water drinking faucet

    *Water temperature: 5~60°c

    *Salt rejection: 94%

    *Standard fitting: Jaco

    *Faucet flow rate: 3.5 LPM

    *Dimension(excl.Tank): 380*250*410(mm)

    *Weight(excl.Tank): 10kgs

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