4 Stages Ultraviolet Water Filter

4 Stages Ultraviolet Water Filter



QTT Quick Change Cartridge Type:
  1st: QTT-10P PP Sediment
  2nd: QTT-10C Granular Activated Carbon
  3rd: QTT-10CKM Silver Granular Activated Carbon + KDF + Alkaline Ball
  4th: UV1S-4 UV Sterilizer
Weight: 2KGS(4PCS/CTN - 8KGS)

Measurement: 5.6 cu.ft.

Smart UV(Ultraviolet)Lamp To Remove Virus & Bacteria
3 Stages Pre-Filters To Remove Sediment, Chlorine And Heavy Metals
Quick Change System Helps Replace Filters Quickly And Easily
Both "Counter-Top" And "Under-Sink" Are Available
No Waste Water Produced
Automatically Leakage Detector Informs

  • Specifications

    Type: Under Sink
    UV Lamp : Yes

    MOQ: ALYA Brand : None / OEM&ODM : 300PCS
    Specification For UV :
    1. Water Flow Rate: 1.8LPM, at 60PSI
    2. Power: 2 Watt(Standby), 14 Watt(Working)
    3. Water Pressure Range: 1-5KG/CM (15-70PSI)
    4. UV Lamp: 11W/UVC254nm 

    Smart UV Lamp Operation :
    1. Lasts Automatically For 8 Minutes After Activation
    2. UV Lamp Will Turn Off If There's No 2nd Action In 8 Minutes
    3. Reminds Oncoming Failure With Alarm
    4. Reminds When The Remaining Lifetime Of Filter 

    Cartridges Is Less Than 100 Liters By Flashing Signal
    5. Reminds When The Remaining Lifetime Of UV Lamp Is Less 

    Than 7 Days By Flashing Signal
    6. Turn Off The Signal Of UV Lamp Automatically When The Lifetime 

    Is Expired


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