Why does my water taste bad?

Under normal condition, water does not have any taste. However, different kind of water taste a little bit different. Some people prefer mineral water, while some like tap water. So why does water taste different and sometime it taste bad or funny?

First, here are a few factors affect the taste of water: 1. The mineral and impurities in the water 2. Personal taste. Your age, body condition, eating habits, and the area you live in can change your taste. 3. Temperature and climate change. Therefore, here are some reasons that make your water taste funny:

It might be sitting there for too long If you are used to drink cold water, your water will taste different when it is not cold anymore. Another possibility is the pH in the water decreases, which can happen after gases such as carbon dioxide dissolve in the water.It might be the chemicals used to treat your water Most municipal water is treated by chlorine. Chlorine is used to disinfection and a small amount of chlorine is not harmful to human body. If your water has a stronger tastes or smell of bleach, you might want to check if your water quality.Maybe it is because you are sick Not only your sense of smell but your sense of taste can change when you are sick.

If your water taste weird and you are not sick, it is probably because there is something in your water. Tap water is not pure. There are a lot of mineral and chemical in it so it is hard to tell if your water is  contaminated through the taste of water. The safest way to make sure your water is safe to drink is to test it. You can either use a testing kit or send them to lab to run an examination. After you know what in your water, you can start considering installing a water filter or water pitcher to improve the taste and quality of your water. Water pitcher remove some mineral in your water and leave a better taste.

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