What is NSF Certification? Why is it important?

Are you a smart consumer? Have you ever wondered the meaning of some labels on the products you bought online? Do you actually study them or do you simply ignore them? Why are those labels important anyway?

Let's find out, more specifically, what a NSF mark means. 

What is NSF Certification?

Having NSF certified products, the company has to meet with the standards and specific measurements that are imposed by NSF International, which is an American product testing organization.You may ask the following question: at what cost exactly? Companies that wish to gain NSF Certification on their products are subject to unannounced factory inspections, product testing, and material analysis. Do they grant the glory label of NSF after all the inspection? The answer to that question is not quite! After the initial phase of "passing" the NSF eligibility requirements, the companies still have to keep up with the strict standards going forward since NSF International facilitates on-site inspection and also re-testing of the products regularly. 

What kind of products can be NSF certified?

Food Water Manufacturing goods, etc...

Why is NSF important?

From a consumer's point of view, you may ask "why should I care about whether there is a NSF mark on the products I purchase?" Here is why:Safety: The products need to meet certain safety measures. Quality assurance: The products with NSF Certification undergo various on-site testing and are under close scrutiny. Signal of Care: The companies that care about customers' satisfaction thrive to gain NSF Certifications! In conclusion, the consumers should be aware of the products they purchase. Some factors, such as where the product is made, how the product is made, should be taken into consideration when purchasing.  Organizations like NSF International helps assuring the quality of the products and the companies with NSF certified products care about their customers. Be a smart customer and buy NSF certified products! For more information, please visit our website:

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