What If You Hate Drinking Water But Love Sugary Drinks?

"I just do not like the taste of water!" "Water is too plain and has a funny smell to it." Have you ever heard of those claims before? It is funny that people do understand how important water is in our everyday lives, yet there are people who choose not to drink water, instead, they drink colored drinks. Some may think of colored drinks in this way, "Isn't it water with sugar? Does it matter that much?" In this article, we are going to examine the effects of drinking sugary drinks and discuss some ways to increase water intake.

Effects on Drinking Too Much Sugary Drinks

Consuming excessive amount of sugary drinks can have the following effects:

Weight Gain: The study shows that those who drink large amount of sugary drinks have higher chances of developing obesity.Type 2 Diabetes: Those who drink excessive amount of sugar from drinks have higher risks of developing Type 2 Diabetes. Heart Disease: Higher chance of developing heart disease for those who drink sugary drinks.Increased Risk of Cancer: This is linked to obesity and Type 2 Diabetes. In other words, sugary drinks can contribute to obesity and indirectly to cancer. Acne: There have been studies indicating the link between sugary drink consumption and acne.

Ways to Increase Water Intake

Some ways and alternatives to increase water intake are as follows: Fruits: There is water content in fruits, but be aware of the high amount of natural sugar in some of the fruits. When consumed in large quantity can be dangerous since there can be too much sugar added to your diet.Soups: Soups can also be a good source of water when you do not like the taste of water. However, when consumed in large quantity can be dangerous depending on the ingredient in the soup.Unsweetened Tea: The keyword here is "unsweetened". Some "unsweetened" herbal tea can actually be helpful and also calming.Water With Fresh Cut Fruits: Fruits such as melons, and tomatoes can be put into the drinking water to add some flavor. Water With Lemon: Add a little bit of fresh squeezed lemon into the drinking water can be tasty. However, people with stomach problem should be aware of the amount of lemon added to the water since lemon is acidic.  In conclusion, it is better to drink plain water than drinking any other artificial alternative drinks!

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