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Water Pollution--How serious is it?

Crash Course on Water Pollution

Humans have been polluting water resource ever since the beginning of time. When hunter-gatherers became sedated which began a new era of human civilization, humans dumped livestock waste into the rivers. When scientists invented pesticide during war time, humans had been using it tremendously to kill insects in farming practice which polluted the rivers. When technological boom finally took off, manufacturers had polluted the water due to material waste. When you look at a cup of clear water, you have to ask yourself -- is it REALLY clean?

Some Water Pollutants

What are some of the water pollutants? Domestic wastePesticides/ Insecticide (which was originally created to kill people, but became pest killer)Food Waste (Processing)Chemical Waste Heavy Metal, such as leadFactory DischargeEtc...

Some Health Issue?

Effects of water pollution:Diarrhea Stomach Issue Liver Illness Long Term Health Effects (Heavy Metal Positioning)

What Can You Do?

You are probably wondering what you can do on a daily basis to avoid drinking water that contains water pollutants.Water Pitcher: It is less expensive and easy to use. It is also the most common option for small family household. However, it usually takes some time to filter water. Tap Water Filter: It is just a little more expensive than the water pitcher and easy to install. It takes less time to filter water. Counter-Top Water Filter: It is smaller than under sink water filter. However, it is exposed on top of the counter. Under Sink Water Filter: It takes up more space, but it is usually installed within the counter space. RO Filtration System: It is the most efficient filtration system compared to the options listed above because it can effectively remove bacterial, virus, and chemical substance from the water. It is also the priciest! One is not necessary better than the another. Some key points to take into consideration when choosing the right water purifier are: local water quality, frequency of replacing the water filters, and function of the filter.

Local Water Quality: Some particular regions' water quality is better than other regions. As a result, for regions with better water quality, a simple water pitcher may suffice the need of better drinking water.Frequency of Replacing The Filter: It is crucial to change the water filter regularly. Sometimes buyers are unaware of the expiration date for each filter and use the same filter for a long period time. It can result in collecting more bacteria, virus, and chemical due to pore blockage.Function of The Filter: Many companies introduce water filters with various functions, such as one that focuses on virus, or one that focuses on certain bacteria. For more information, please visit our website: https://www.eagopure.com/