Survive in Wilderness -- Water Sources

Picture yourselves holding a knife with bare minimum clothing on, walking in the wild. The sun is beating down on your skin and it is hot. Your mouth is like Sahara Desert and you are losing your strength since you could not find any food. You see a river stream and are excited since you haven't had any drop of water for hours. You run to the stream and drink from the river without hesitation. After 3 hours, you regret your decision earlier since the river water is not clean and you are having terrible diarrhea......

How To Find Water In The Wilderness

If you are alone in the wild, in order to survive, it is safe to find the water sources before building a shelter since humans cannot survive without water. The ways to find water are as follow:

Follow Animals: You can actually follow animals, such as birds and deer, to the river. However, this method requires some skills to track animals. Be mindful that some animals are not as friendly!Rain: If you have a container, such as a pot, you can set it outside and collect the rain. Plant Transpiration: If you have plastic bags, you can wrap around some plants and collect plant transpiration. Morning Dew: Use a container and wake up early to collect morning dew!Fruits: You can collect some fruits to increase your water intake! Be mindful not to consume too many due to high sugar content in each fruit. 

Filter Water!

You already found a river? Great! But be cautious since there might be some bacteria in the river water. If the water is consumed without some proper preparation, it might be dangerous to your health! Therefore, it is important to filter out some deadly bacteria before drinking. Below is different ways to "purify" the river water.Boiling: It is safe to always boil the water before drinking it in the wild. Filtering: If you have a water pitcher with you or any other filter materials, you can simply use them to filter the water. Cloth Filtering: If you do not have any filtration materials, you can use a piece of cloth, such as T-shirt, to filter water.  For more information, please visit our website:

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