Showering In Chlorine Water? What Are The Effects?

As we know, chlorine is a chemical element that exists in our everyday life, including household products and water. Do you know why we put chlorine into our drinking water? What are some of the effects of drinking chlorine water and even showering in it?

Some Facts About Chlorine

Chlorine is a chemical element.Chlorine can be used as disinfectant, meaning that it can be used in swimming pools, factories, drinking water to kill various viruses, chemicals, and also bacteria. Chlorine is used in pesticides.Chlorine can serve as bleach, the one that  people use in swimming pool.Too much exposure to chlorine can cause: asthma, and lung irritation.Chlorine gas is yellow-green and poisonous to humans.Symptoms of exposing to chlorine gas are burning of throat, conjunctiva, respiratory tract, etc...You are probably wondering why humans still put chlorine in drinking water. As stated above, chlorine can act as disinfectant. Therefore, we need chlorine in the water to kill harmful bacteria. However, having large quantity of chlorine in our system can be dangerous. What can we do? The solution can be purchasing a water pitcher, or a RO filtration system to filter chlorine. You can also find more options from this article: Water Pollution--How serious is it?

Showering in Chlorine?

We know there is chlorine in the water that we use daily, including showering water. Let me ask you this, do you like a nice hot bath that produces a lot of steam? What if I tell you that you are slowly self-poisoning?  The steam that is produced during shower can be poisonous due to the fact that there is chlorine in the water. When the water evaporates, the chlorine water then turns into chlorine gas. As previously stated, chlorine gas can be harmful to humans when inhaling too much.  Therefore, you need to ventilate the bathroom when taking a shower. In that way, the chlorine gas would not concentrate in a closed space. If you are still a little concerned about chlorine in the water, you can also use a shower head filter that removes chlorine! For more information, please visit our website:

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