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Polydipsia- Are You Constantly Thirsty?

When do you usually drink water? When you wake up in the morning? When you walk under the sun? When you feel a bit dehydrated? After exercising? These are all the possible times to drink water since humans are basically made out of water and cannot live without it. We do know that humans can be drinking too little of water. As a result, one can be dehydrated and that can cause series of health issues. But what if you are constantly thirsty and cannot help but drink a lot of water, can you be suffering from Polydipsia?

What is Polydipsia? 

Polydipsia is excessive thirst or excessive drinking. The word derives from Greek, in which it means "very thirsty".  Patients who suffer from Polydipsia might feel thirty most of or all the time. Even though they might be drinking a lot of water already, patients diagnosed with Polydipsia cannot stop the feeling of thirst.

 Diabetics and patients with mental disorders can experience Polydipsia.

Diabetics and Patients with Mental Disorders Suffer From Polydipsia 

Diabetic Patients: Since diabetic patients do not produce enough insulin, there is a lot of sugar building up in their body. When they urinate, the glucose in their urine requires water. As a result, a lot of times diabetic patients would drink a lot of water and urinate a lot as well.

Other Symptoms For Diabetic Patients: Feeling ThirstyUrinate Often Fatigue Blurry VisionWeight LossHard to Heal Wounds and Cuts 

Mental Disorder: Patients with mental disorders, such as schizophrenia, bipolar, and OCD can experience Polydipsia. The reasons can be because of the medication that they are prescribed and also their brain traumas/injuries. As a result, they become compulsive water drinkers.

Causation of Polydipsia

Other than diabetic and mental disorder patients, people can experience Polydipsia if they lose a lot of fluids in their systems. The ways how you can lose a lot of fluids are as follow: Vomiting Diarrhea Blood LossSome Prescribed Medication

What To Do If You Have Polydipsia?

Diabetic Patients: Take the prescribed insulin medications or shots daily and consult with your doctor if you are still experiencing Polydipsia.

Mental Illness Patients: Make sure to consult with your therapist and seek for help.

Other: Drink enough fluids. If the symptoms persist, seek some medical attention.

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