Lose Water Weight! Drink More Water?

"I just want to lose 5 more pounds, and then I can finally fit into this pair of jeans!" "This is not fat, this is water weight!"

Have you ever heard of those claims and the battling story of the number on the scale? What are they talking about exactly? What is water weight? In this article, we are going to discuss how drinking water can help you lose weight.

What Is Water Weight?

Water weight, as it sounds, is the excessive water in your body that contributes towards one's total weight. The way to determine whether it accounts for excessive water weight is when one's hydration percentage rises over 55-60 percent, which is the average hydration level for adults.

Therefore, if you can cut down the excessive water weight, you can lose weight. As exciting as it sounds, how can one lose water weight exactly?

 Lose Water Weight!

The ways of losing water weight are as follow:Drink More Water: You might be thinking, "But isn't water weight the excessive amount of water in my system, why do I need to drink more water? The truth is that when one person is dehydrated, that person's body will tend to retain more water which can create water weight. Therefore, if you drink the right amount of water, you can lose the water weight since your body does not need to retain as much water as it used to.Lower Sodium Level: High sodium level can cause water retention. In other words, foods that are too salty when consumed in large quantity might induce water weight indirectly.Exercise: Exercising can help you sweat out the excessive amount of water in your system. But be aware to drink water in order to prevent dehydration. Lower Carbs Intake: Carbs are stored in our muscles as glycogen which requires water. Therefore, if one person can cut down carbs, one can reduce the water weight. Water Pills: Water pills are also known as diuretic medicine which increases the flow of urine. It is usually prescribed to patients with lung issues, or high blood pressure. There are over-the-counter water pills as well.  For more information, please visit our website:

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