EAGO participates in the Aquatech Water Show with endless opportunities

Aquatech Mexico, Mexico City

Since 34 years of establishment, EAGO Co., Ltd. has been specializing in trading and sales of various electronic parts and components. In 2010, we transformed, developed and produced water filters, RO water purifiers, bath filters and filter parts. Our products being have won a number of NSF, CE and Taiwan Excellence Awards, Innovation Research Awards and many other certifications and government awards. In order to bring good quality water purifiers to more consumers, we are actively expanding the Central and South American market.

It is an honour for EAGO to have this opportunity to participate in this year’s Aquatech Mexico Water Show. EAGO has always been very involved in various professional exhibitions, especially in Central and South America, and has more than 20 years of sales experience in Mexico, Colombia and other countries. We appreciate the effort that Aquatech have made and invested. Previous experience show that through the exhibition we are able to find numerous potential customers, which has been a great success and help to our company. Whether it is the professionalism of the manufacturer or the innovation level of the product, both shows Aquatech’s quality of an indicative exhibition.

In the past years, we have participated in Aquatech exhibitions around the world. Oftenly the exhibits are very inquiring on the exhibition grounds, therefore leading to a great success of finding dealers, consumers and importers from various regions, such as the Netherlands and China. This year we are participating in the Aquatech Mexico exhibition for the first time, bringing a lot of new water purification products to the exhibition in hope of finding more exclusive selling agents in Central and South America.

Participating in the Aquatech exhibition, allows more visitors from Central and South America to understand and appreciate Taiwanese products. Due to the success and great leap resulted from the impact of Aquatech, our company will be sured to join the upcoming events of Aquatech next year.

Welcome to our booth NO. 327, and feel free to visit our official website to find relevant information:



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