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Digital dual stage water filter by EAGO is easy to install. You can easily install it at your home without any installation fee. It is also very convenient to replace the filter. The filter material is partially made of carbon fiber activated carbon to filter out residual chlorine, pesticides, odors and volatile organic substances in water. In addition, this filter uses ultra-fine hollow fiber membrane, which has the precision 0.02um filter micro-aperture. This kind of filter can effectively remove harmful viruses and most bacteria in the water and achieve the standard for clean drinking water. This water filter has SGS certification, and the Taiwan Excellence Awards awarded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs in 2013. The total filtration rate of the two filters is up to 8,500 liters, so there is no need to discharge waste water.  

Features: 1. Reduce bacterial growth and can produce raw water without wasting water 2. Easy installment: You can easily install and replace the filter by yourself 3. Smart panel to remind filter replacement 4. Preserve the minerals required by the human body and pass the SGS multiple water quality test

QCC Quick Change Cartridge Type: CTME-301 1st: QCC-10P PP Sediment

2nd: QCC-10UF Hollow Fiber Membrane+Silver Impregnated Coconut Carbon Dimension:330*100*340(MM) Weight: 3KGS(4PCS/CTN - 12KGS) Measurement: 2.4 cu.ft. Equipped With Digital Flow Meter, Remind You To Replace Filters Large Flow Diverter Valve, Applicable For High/Low Water Pressure Area Carbon Filter Removes Chemical, Chlorine & Odor Sleep Device Performance, To Extent Battery Life

Flow Rate: 1.8LPM / 60PSI

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