Could You Be Drinking Too Much Water

Is clear to all of us that drinking enough water is a fundamental part to a healthy life, but is it possible to drink too much water? 

Most of us think that the most likely thing to happen to a person who drinks a lot of water is that they end up visiting the bathroom more times than the average person. Which is true, however besides that we don't really think that drinking too much water could possibly be dangerous, but it can be.  Like everything in life drinking moderate amount of water and not going over doing it, otherwise we could end up developing symptoms of hyponatremia (very low levels of sodium in the blood stream) Sodium is a essential component to the body's functionality. It plays a role in the regulation and distribution of H2O in our system. Although I would like to note that the chance of water intoxication are fairly low yet it is something that does happen.  SO, HOW DO YOU KNOW IF YOU HAVE DRANK TOO MUCH? 1. Urine color -  is a great indicator for how much water our body is having to expel. The darker the more water you need and the lighter the color is the less you need to drink. The ideal color is a pale yellow. 2. Going to the bathroom with certain regularity is a good sing, but if you are going to the bathroom three or four times in the span of one hour that should be a concern. On average a person goes to the bathroom around six to ten times a day. 3. Symptoms of water intoxication are:

Stomach bloating.Muscular and headache. Nausea. Dizziness and forgetfulness. 

The exact number at which sodium levels become too low, at the moment is hard to point out, but if you experience a combination or several of the symptoms mentioned on the list above for a long period of time consulting your doctor is our best recommendation.

Our kidneys on  average are capable of processing about 800 to 1000 milliliters of water per hour, keep that in mind. Paying attention and listening to the signals our body gives us. Adjusting to our bodies necessities and not going over board, is the best way to know what is best for us; If you are thirsty drink water and when you aren't don't, is pretty simple.  

If you are an active person who has plenty of exercise and you are on the leaner side, then note that muscles are better at retaining water compare to fat. Keep in mind , that this is not an exact science because each of our bodies is quite different and so are its needs. 

When drinking our water is important to make sure that we are consuming the best water the cleanest and purest. EAGO Pure can offer you all kind of system for your personal need and of the best quality. Always thinking of your health first. 

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