Aquaphobia- Fear of Water?

Picture a sunny day at the beach. There are people who are playing beach volleyball and both sides are getting competitive due to a draw. There are ladies who wear swim suits and are having sunbathing. On the other side, there are children playing around in the ocean water and having a blast. You might think "What a beautiful day!"Then you turn around and see one little girl who is shivering, not due to coldness, but to the great fear of water that resides in her mind. She has Aquaphobia and is very terrified of water. What is "Aquaphobia" exactly?

What is Aquaphobia?

Aquaphobia, if we break the word apart, it is aqua and phobia. Aqua means water and phobia means irritation or fear of something. Therefore, Aquaphobia means the fear of water.  Fear of water? Is it like water in general? Aquaphobics might experience irritation and persistent fear of water, water includes:Ocean, lake, and river waterWater in the showerWater in a tubBasically any source of water (where you can put your body in)Aquaphobia is not about the fear of water itself, but more like the feelings towards water in specific contexts. For example, the person with Aquaphobia might panic whenever he enters the swimming pool. At the end, he might refuse to ever swim or learn how to swim.  


The patients with Aquaphobia can exhibit the following symptoms:Anxiety towards water Avoidance of water Panic when seeing water, or even thinking about water Fear of drowning Claiming that there are snakes or sharks in the water, even though there is noneRaised heart rate Panic Attack


Aquaphobic patients usually have traumatic incidents involving water in their early stages of lives. Incidents such as drowning, getting pushed into the pool unwillingly, or falling from a boat can all contribute to the indirect cause of Aquaphobia.

How to cope with Aquaphobia? 

Like patients who suffer from other phobias, patients with Aquaphobia need to seek the help of a licensed therapist. They can gain help from positive reinforcements and group therapies.  For more information, please visit our website:

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