A Water Purifier for everyone - easy installation, easy cartridge exchange

Ordinary tap water can be tainted with undesirable contaminants. Not just chlorine and lead, but also harmful bacteria, disease-causing viruses, unwanted pesticides, and other unpleasant surprises like nitrates, chlorine, arsenic, and even traces of pharmaceuticals. Protect your family from the potential health issues caused by this digital dual stage water filter. It’s an effective way to enjoy clean, fresh water every day.

"No tools, no problem. Installation in 3 minutes. Cartridge change in 6 seconds” is the main features of this Digital Dual Stage Water Purifier. With our specially-designed appearance, this water purifier is lightweight and can easily fit into different water faucet, making it very easy to install. This system is recommended for households of 2-3 people. It is a great choice for tenants and small family. Its streamline design and the combination of ivory white and blue-grey color can blend into any style of home décor. By using high-quality PP melt blown filter, activated carbon fiber, and hollow fiber ultra-filtration membrane, this water purifier is a powerful absorbent. It can remove chlorine, pesticide, and other chemical matters. At the same time, it prevents bacteria growth and filters out the harmful virus in the water. Digital Dual Stage Water Purifier comes with smart LED indicator that reminds users to change their cartridge to ensure the quality of your water. To be more power-saving, the power of this LED indicator comes from battery. It will also auto shutdown to decrease power consumption.

Filter our harmful contaminants, leave healthy mineral in the water First stage filter: High-quality PP melt blown filter This added layer of protection helps keep out rust, sand, sediment, dirt, grit, and other foreign particles that don’t belong in your water. Plus, it prolongs the life of your Digital Dual Stage Water Purifier Second stage filter: Integrated double effect cartridge Activated Carbon Fiber: It is a powerful absorbent that can absorb chlorine, insecticide, odor and other chemical organic material.Hollow Fiber Ultra-Filtration Membrane: Its pore size of 0.02-0.1micron that can filter out 99.9% of the harmful bacteria . For more information, please visit our website:

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