5 Simple Things You Can Do to Help Save the Earth

Saving the Earth is easier than you think. These are some little things you probably will not take much efforts to do, but can make a huge difference if we all do these together.

Here are some simple things you can do to save the Earth:

1. Buy locally Many people think that buying organic products is very environmentally friendly. However, little do they know that some organic products come a long way to be delivered. Organic products are indeed environmentally friendly and low-pollution in the production process, but if you add the carbon footprint of long-distance transportation, it may not be so eco friendly after all! Organic is ideal, but it is also important to buy local and seasonal foods. Locally produced food, representing a shorter transport distance and less pollution.

2. Stop using disposable container, utensils and plastic straws  Have you ever realized how much wastes do you make when you take out food? You can bring your own food container and do not ask for single use utensils. By doing these two things, you can reduce a lot of waste in a long term.

3. Think twice before you buy The most effective way to reduce waster is to buy less. Think about those piles of unnecessary products at home you barely or ever never use before. These unnecessary items are usually thrown away and become trash. People tend to buy more than they needs, so before you buy anything, think about if you really need or not.

4. Recycle. Recycle. Recycle. More than 300 million tons of new plastic is produced annually. Only less than 10% of it are recycled. What about the rest of 91% of plastic waste? Most of it goes into landfill and natural environment. Lots of the plastic also goes into water pipe, lake, and river, which most of it ends up in the ocean and damage the environment.

5. Stop buying bottled water Bottled water is very convenient, but every time you make a 600cc bottle, you need to consume about 10 liters of water. The carbon footprint of its plastic products is even worse. If you are buying bottled water because you think it is clean and taste better, the fact is

A better way to get clean water: You may be buying bottled water because you think tap water is not clean enough or don't like the taste or smell of tap water. You can start considering installing water filter systen at home. There are a wide range of water filtration system you can choose from. From water pitcher to reverse osmosis water filter, these are the smarter options than bottled water. These methods are not only good for your health but also for the environment.

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