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3 free app to help you drink more water

We all know that water is an essential part of our life, but not many people drink enough water each day. Do you constantly forget to drink water? With your busy schedule, tracking how much water you drink is not your priority. However, with the help of these app, you will find it easier to drink more water and develop a healthy habit in a long term. Here are 3 free and simple app to remind you to drink more water:

Plant Nanny

"Plant Nanny" is a cute reminder to motivate you to drink more water. It offers a variety of plants and flower pots to choose from.Users get a small plant at the beginning. With your daily water intake, small plants will grow slowly. Plant Nanny will keep reminding you to drink the correct quantity of water. Plant Nanny keeps and archive of your daily record of your regular healthy habit of drinking water.If you already know about Plant Nanny, you can try their new version: Plant Nanny 2. In "Plant Nanny 2", mature plants will be moved to the greenhouse, where they will continue to absorb the sun's nutrients, and will produce seeds every day. These seeds can be planted in the future. By upgrading greenhouse, you can unlock some special creatures that will help plants produce more seeds!

Drink Water- Drink Reminder

Daily water is the app which helps you to track the quantity of water we drink and remind us to drink water in right time. Its simple user interface make it easy to know how much water you drink. Simply touch the screen to log your each drink. You can set up your drinking schedule and it will remind you when it is time!It also gives you a history each day of how much total water and that can be emailed to you, so you track your drinking habit.

Water Balance Tracker Reminder

Water Balance Tracker Reminder can be used to not only keep track of your water intake but also other drinks. You can include your coffee and tea to your habit. Water Balance Tracker Reminder automatic calculation of the amount of daily water required according to your weight. If you are on an active day, you can easily adjust the water goal of that day. What is special about this app is it sleeping mode, so you won't get disturbed in you sleep. While drinking enough water helps your body, the quality of the water is also very important. A good water filtration system that produce clean and quality water will promote your overall health.  For more information, visit our website: https://www.eagopure.com/